Mission: We strive to be a boutique company that integrates original design, cutting edge  technology, old world craftsmanship and close collaboration to help our clients realize their vision.



Acme’s founder and owner Marc Rubin graduated with a BFA from California College of Art in 1982. Soon after, he began exhibiting his sculptures and installations in leading galleries across the United States to critical acclaim. In 1987 he relocated to a 3000 square foot studio in the Chelsea district in New York City. To fuel his sometimes prohibitively expensive fine art installations, he began designing and fabricating for major nightclubs. The demand for his work grew and filmmakers and others in the entertainment industry were now approaching him to work on their projects. Two years later he formed Acme Stimuli to facilitate the implementation of his designs and to help other designers, producers and visionaries realize their ideas. 

His multi dimensional background in fine art, design, theater art and traditional construction uniquely positioned him to accommodate a wide variety of clientele from diverse fields. With design and building capabilities all housed under one roof, the company continued to grow as each project informed the next. Talented and skilled employees ensured the success of every project.

In 1997 Marc began renovation on a beautiful old 5000 square foot timber frame barn and four years later relocated Acme Stimuli to New York’s Catskill Mountains.  The new facility (with a trout stream in the backyard) has provided Acme Stimuli with the capabilities to build virtually anything.